Watch Cate Blanchett Have a Conversation With Her Moodier Alter Ego in “Cousins”

I recently watched Jim Jarmusch’s Night on Earth for the first time, and it reminded me of another similar film of his, Coffee and Cigarettes. The film is a compilation of 11 short films, all revolving around the theme of cigarettes and coffee. My favorite is “Cousins” starring the fantastic Cate Blanchett who’s so awesome that she gets to play herself. To make things even more interesting, she also plays the role of “Shelly,” a fictional cousin who comes by to visit. Blanchett perfectly captures the awkwardness of small talk, especially between two people who only thing they have in common is being related. When I first watched the film, it took me a while to realize Blanchett was playing both characters. Is it just me or should she think about dyeing her hair black in real life? Just a thought.

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