Remember when you were a kid and all your friends would always end up hanging out at the same house? Maybe it was your house. But why did we always end up at the same kids’ house? On the new Air Traffic Controller track, singer Dave Munro questions, “Was it the house or was it the gang or a phenomenon no one can explain?” Realistically it’s probably because your family was the first to get a PS2 or something. But the Boston indie-pop quartet dip into this nostalgia with their whimsical anthem telling the story of how their (presumably brothers Dave and Richie Munro) house was that house, even after their mom remarried and moved them into a new house. Produced by Bleu, the track shines with a power-pop gloss and contains a chorus too catchy to get out of your head.

“The House” is available on iTunes starting today, so grab it while we wait for the follow up to 2012′s Nordo.

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