View Gallery → Fab Ciraolo’s “Legendary” Reimagines Yesterday’s Icons as Today’s Hipsters

When it comes to artist Fab Ciraolo‘s work, all of it has a cohesive theme. He loves taking classic icons, whether it’s Judy Garland or Marilyn Monroe or even Bettlejuice, and modernizing them–slapping a Daft Punk t-shirt on Frida Kahlo or even an ascot on Jesus. In his series Legendary, on display at Gauntlet Gallery, Ciraolo continues this trend by reimagining Michael Jackson, the Mona Lisa, and Andy Warhol as a pack of leather jacket-wearing cool kids. (The Peter Pan t-shirt on Michael Jackson is an especially nice touch.) You can buy prints via Gauntlet Gallery, or just browse mindlessly through the slideshow (we have a hunch which choice you’ll make).

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