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An Animated Gif Tribute to Artist René Magritte

German illustrator Raphaëlle Martin has the kind of bold style one might expect from a René Magritte admirer. They both love bold colors, vast landscapes, and most importantly, surrealism. This animated tribute is more than just a rehashing of Magritte’s most famous works. Instead, Martin injects new life into these classic pieces by updating the art to appeal to today’s loyal netizens. That’s right–gifs. And while some people might scoff at the increasingly blurred lines between gifs and art, we think this tribute is brilliant.

Probably the most interesting thing about these tribute pieces is how Martin uses an animation style that makes the pieces look old, like some colorized classic film. The pieces jump to life as if you’re tuning in to some broadcast expressionist station. Or, you know, you could also just sit back and take a more laid back approach to this. After all, they’re just gifs.

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