Six teenagers, a broken car, a mysterious forest and a creepy mansion. What could go wrong? Well, last time, this headed into dark and frightening territory with mermaids and dead girls everywhere, and Lovely Little Thieves looks no different. A visual novel focusing on horror and romance–romance that the Kickstarter page describes as ”against all odds high-stakes love conquers all nonsense” and decidedly not “mushy, sentimental romance”–Lovely Little Thieves opens with a nightmare that our lovely little protagonist Dawn is caught in.

Although Dawn starts out with a boyfriend–the large and in-charge Russell–all five characters are romanceable, including her BFF, the pink-haired and ambitious Danielle. Rounding out the cast are Colin (short, pissed off, needs to be punched in the face), Jay (mysterious, potentially British, extremely awkward), and Randy (laid-back, permanently high, already my fave).

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