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Lizzy Stewart’s Reflective Diary Comics

Lizzy Stewart is an illustrator living in London who publishes zines and comics. We first heard of her when we stumbled across these gorgeous illustrations of classic book covers she did a year ago. But aside from her illustration gigs, Stewart has an entire Tumblr devoted to illustrated diaries about her life as a penniless 20-something living in London. Lonely, introverted 20-somethings with Tumblrs isn’t exactly unique, but what makes Stewart special is how she doesn’t try to be any more than what she is. Instead of bending over backwards to look profound, Stewart’s comics are straight to the point. Sometimes they’re introspective and sometimes they’re not, but they’re always honest. It’s a shame she doesn’t updated it more frequently. However, you can always read more stuff from her via her zines that she sells in her shop.

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