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New Music Video by Kawehi Speaks to Society’s Prejudices

Singer/songwriter Kawehi sings songs with a message, whether it’s about the death of Iranian protestor Neda Agha-Soltān or about the hate and prejudices that plague our society. Her new video for “I’d Never Tell” addresses the latter. “In my Utopia, people wouldn’t have to hide their true selves,” she explains,” there would be no lines, no walls built, no prejudices against where people come from, the color of their skin and who they choose to love. We are all a part of the same Earth—and should have the same kind of opportunity and freedoms as the next.”

But aside from its message, Kawehi’s music is always accompanied with an emotional, eye-catching video. Her video for “I’d Never Tell” shows the singer sitting on the floor playing several instruments with several arms. She kind of resembles a Hindu deity, but it’s unclear if it’s intentional or not. For lyrics, check out the Vimeo page.

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