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“Phobias & Fetishes” Is an Illustrative Look Into Their Psychological Origins

The next time someone tells you they have a foot fetish, maybe you should pull up a chair and give them an armchair psychological diagnosis. Could it be their penchant for feet is the fault of a childhood full of transitional objects? At least it is according to Phobias & Fetishes, an illustrated book that illustrates the etiological theories behind phobias and fetishes. In the book are 12 illustrations showing six different phobias and fetishes and six accompanying theories of their origin. Illustrated by Daniel Ido, the imagery takes a surreal approach to explaining the psychological reasons for why certain phobias and fetishes occur. Plus, Ido has a special gift in being able to draw so many feet.

The book isn’t available for purchase, but Ido’s prints are on sale via Society6. 

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