Delve into the Tangled Web of Human Connections in “Sympathetic People”

Delve into the Tangled Web of Human Connections in “Sympathetic People”

The power of human connections, including both its beauty and fragility, are explored to the very depths in a new short story collection titled Sympathetic People by Donna Baier Stein. Each of the thirteen stories revolve around male and female characters as they struggle to find happiness and meaning in their lives after experiencing loss and tragedy.

The story “Hindsight” follows a hippie-ish young woman named Jessie as she makes a brash decision that later shatters to pieces when her life goes wildly off-track. There’s also “The Secrets of Snakes,” a story that looks at how early ruptures in a marriage can make a wife desperate to do anything she can to stop it, even when she’s supposed to be keeping an eye on her son’s pet racer.

From stories like “The Jewel Box,” which is about a dying grandmother who makes a promise to her granddaughter know what Heaven looks like, to stories like “Visions,” which is about a newlywed wife who discovers a little too late that she regrets marrying the man she married, each of Stein’s stories are designed to enthrall the reader and take them on a journey through the complexities of human nature. No stone is left unturned, and both our good traits and bad traits are put on display for all the world to see, which makes this fascinating read.

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