Create Emo Lyric-and-Photo Combinations with Gigg

Create Emo Lyric-and-Photo Combinations with Gigg

SXSW Interactive always includes launches of amazing new apps (and, yeah, some ridiculous ones, but let’s not talk about that). With Gigg‘s new music app, users can make and share cute combinations of music, song lyrics, videos, and pictures. Choose your song first. Emo posting is facilitated by a search of possible songs by feeling, but you can also search by decade, genre or lyrics. Add a image to your selected music by choosing or taking a photo or video. Then, trim it down to the section of the song that best fits your art, whether that’s a couple lines of high-energy pop over a dance video or a love song over a photo of your sweetie.

Theses are all things you can already do, of course. Taking a photo and adding a song lyric isn’t new, but Gigg streamlines the process, making it easier and faster to create. It took me just a couple seconds to find a song, select the lyrics, and add it a picture, and then just a couple moments more to send my creation. (The main delay was sluggish internet on the show floor, not the app itself.)  Gigg has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sharing, although not for Tumblr or WordPress (yet). My teenage Livejournal would love this.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

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