Learn Some Words, Guy

Learn Some Words, Guy

If you’ve been reading the latest Judy Blume novel and find yourself scrambling for a dictionary, well, you may have a problem.

Vocabulary.com is a useful dictionary–slash–list-keeping–slash–vocabulary-testing website that can greatly expand your vocabulary. You can use it to make a list of words you don’t know in a book you’re reading, or search through the hundreds of lists other users have created. Vocabulary will quiz you on the words and keep track of your progress if you sign up for a free account.

The dictionary itself is speedy and useful–it contains over 100 million example sentences sourced from newspaper articles, magazines, and novels. Or, if you’re just looking to improve your general knowledge, you can participate in “The Challenge,” a vocab-trainer with 100,000 questions that keeps track of your progress with each word it throws at you.

Get learning.

Cover photo courtesy of Flickr user: your_teacher

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