Author Spotlight: Nathan Robert Brown

Author Spotlight: Nathan Robert Brown

Nathan Robert Brown is a freelance writer and author who specializes in both writing and researching about areas such as folklore, world mythology, demonology, urban legends, ancient civilizations, martial arts, and world religion. He’s an expert on identifying trinities, common structures, and universal themes in both religion and mythology.

In 2008 he received the Harry Brown award for his academic publication on the Goddess Lilith, which would eventually go on to become The Rape of Lilith: The Degradation of the Dark Mother. This book, despite its dark title, explores how the figure of Lilith went from powerful dark Goddess to a demonic figure who steals the life force of babies and ponders her true origins in Middle Eastern and Near Eastern mythology. The publication is due for a more commercial re-release in late 2014 or early 2015, so readers who enjoy reading about academic forays into mythology should keep their eyes peeled!

Brown has also co-authored a novel with Robert Anthony Fox called the Dead Come Home, which is a futuristic look at a zombie apocalypse. The characters are lovably human with all of their strengths and flaws, and the zombies are absolutely terrifying. It’s also not a long read, which makes it the perfect book for a lazy Sunday.

Meanwhile, The Mythology of Supernatural and The Mythology of Grimm explore where the writers for both television shows came up with the different plotlines, monsters of the week, and the folklore that inspired many of the shows’ story arcs. From exploring the roots of the Catholic rites of exorcism versus how it is portrayed on Supernatural to classic fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Brown’s non-fiction is entertaining, easy-to-read, and an excellent source of information for readers who are fascinated by folklore.

Thanks to Brown’s extensive knowledge on mythology and world religions, both his fiction and non-fiction works bring new meaning on the symbolism inherent in our TV shows and spirituality.


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