Maxine Ashley: “Perpetual Nights”

There aren’t many people in music right now doing better than Pharrell. He produced two of the biggest songs of last year, has the number one song in the country right now, and has won tons of Grammys. And he’s got that cool hat! All this is to say that if you were an up-and-coming artist right now, having Pharrell on your side would be pretty awesome. And that’s what Maxine Ashley has. The Bronx-born 20 year old’s large catalog of bedroom YouTube covers proves that she has the talent and charisma to make it on her own, but with Pharrell producing her new single “Perpetual Nights,” Ashley is able to rise to her fullest potential. The song is a silky smooth RnB track with layers of sultry vocals and a tight rhythm section. The video, directed by Lady Tragik, features Pharrell and his famous hat, as well as shots from Jean-Luc Godard’s BreathlessThroughout, Maxine Ashley shows that she has the personality and talent of an artist to watch.

Her debut Moodswings EP is available now from her website.

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