Party City: A Colorful, “Tappable” Mini Comic

I’m new to Tapestry, and by “new” I mean I literally discovered it today. The site allows you to create and embed little artistic creations that can be “tapped” (or “clicked” if you’re not on a tablet) for interactivity. Most tapestries are text-based with supplemental images here and there, but Party City‘s colorful hand-drawn style looks more like a comic book. Created by Tully Mills, the tongue-in-cheek comic follows two cats as they stumble across “party city,” a cesspool full of sex bloggers and other unsavory types. The two cats venture into the city anyway with caution. There’s also an episode two that gives a bit more background info on the city. The comic is a little too short to recommend on its story alone, but what I like about the comic is its color drawing style, its cheeky sense of humor (party cats!), and the interactivity of Tapestry. If you liked this, I also recommend Mills’s “A Field Guide to North American Men.”

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