Impress Your Lover (and Kill Off Your Competition) in “Copod”

Impress Your Lover (and Kill Off Your Competition) in “Copod”

If you haven’t looked at the header image, look again. Yes, that does in fact say “Baby Tears” in the corner, and it does in fact describe a power you can obtain in Copod.

Something of a bizarro spiritual successor to SporeCopod is the story of a small creature trying to survive in a strange world. While your objective is to find a flower and impress your mate in order to create the next generation, the task proves more difficult as other creatures attempt to kill you. You hatch fellow Copods from their eggs to help you or, in a slightly macabre twist, you can kill them for health. If your meager attacks aren’t cutting it for you, you can also eat other creatures and temporarily gain new powers. If evolution actually worked this way, my superpower would be turning things into butter. Why doesn’t evolution work this way?

Scientific accuracy aside, Copod is a super cute game about exploring new environments and killing absolutely everything in your path in your quest to breed.

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