Pompeya: “Satellite”

As much as I love going on and on about how tired I am of the ’80s revival sound, I’d be lying if I said I recommend this song for anything other than nostalgic purposes. Moscow-based band Pompeya has been on the scene since their 2011 debut Tropical. They’re well-known in their own country but are barely making a blip on this side of the Earth (although a recent performance at SXSW is a good starting point). “Satellite” is the newest single from their upcoming Night EP and it’s a bit of a departure for them. Instead of their usual M83/Cut Copy sound, “Satellite” is more like Duran Duran meets The Smiths. It’s so ’80s it hurts—in a good way, of course. I actually prefer this track over anything on Tropical, and hopefully this single hints at a new sound/direction for them. Their Night EP drops sometime this spring, but until then look out for Pompeya as they continue their tour through the dregs of Middle America (Alabama! Utah!), which culminates in New York on April 25.

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