“Eternal Egypt” Is an Ancient Spiritual How-To Guide for History Buffs

“Eternal Egypt” Is an Ancient Spiritual How-To Guide for History Buffs

Richard Reidy’s Eternal Egypt: Ancient Rituals For The Modern World seamlessly blends both ancient history and modern spirituality. Although the writing is geared towards modern-day Pagans who are interested in Kemeticism, which is a term used for modern-day followers of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, this book offers something for history buffs and curious readers too.

Eternal Egypt is the first comprehensive collection of important temple rituals that were performed in ancient times. Before Reidy published this piece, generally, only academics or Pagans had the knowledge of these rites. Now, anyone who is fascinated by this part of history can pick up a copy of Reidy’s book and gain a deeper understanding of the spirituality of the ancients.

Aside from faithfully transcribing the ancient rituals, Reidy also explains the symbolism and mythology behind each ritual, which makes it easier to understand for readers who are simply curious about different religions. Plus, he explains how these ancient rituals can be adapted for use by modern-day Pagans in their own rituals. For example, Reidy painstakingly describes the ‘Opening of the Mouth’ ceremony and includes commentary about what it was historically used for, the mythology behind it, and how this can be used within the framework of your own belief system.

Thanks to Richard Reidy, now Pagans and non-Pagans alike can enjoy the richness of ancient Egyptian spirituality and perhaps even adapt some of the beautiful prayers and symbolism into their own spirituality as well.

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