Tower: “Can’t Vibe”

I wish I knew more about Tower. It’s a new project that has something to do with Body Parts, who released my favorite album of 2013, that’s based in San Fernando Valley. Other than that, all there is to know is that “Can’t Vibe” is an amazing song. Like Body Parts, Tower pulls a lot from the ’80s but maintains a modern edge. The track opens up with rhythmic guitar chords over distorted drums and bass. When the vocals come in, they sing idiosyncratic lyrics with punchy syncopation. And just when you’ve settled into the awkward groove, the chorus arrives and switches to a breakdown half-time rhythm. As should be expected from anything Ryder Bach works on, “Can’t Vibe” is one of the most interesting and exciting songs I’ve heard in a while.

Tower’s first (and only) tweet says that there is “more coming v v soon.”

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