Fast Romantics’ “Afterlife Blues” Imagines Hell as a Mental Institution

Being dead sounds like it would be kind of a bummer, right? On “Afterlife Blues,” Canadian five-piece Fast Romantics muse on the sadness that would come with life after death. Matthew Angus sings about the people he misses, wanting to “hold you like a bedroom wall.” The song is insanely catchy, with quirky meter changes, jangly guitars, and plenty of tambourine. Its lush vocal harmonies and simple hook ensure some sing-along potential so that we can all enjoy thinking about how depressing being dead will be!

The song was actually released last year on the album of the same name, but now it has a music video to go along with it. In the Ricardo Temporao-directed video, Fast Romantics are hanging around in the Afterlife (a dimly lit white hospital room) and feeling miserable about being dead. Meanwhile, everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves, getting the chance to do what they loved doing on Earth. But as the video goes on, tensions rise. Not everyone’s enjoyment is compatible, and fights break out. If, as Sartre suggests, Hell is other people, then I guess the Afterlife they’re singing from is Hell.

Afterlife Blues is available now on iTunes via Pipe & Hat.

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