Uncover Dark Secrets in Samuel W. Gailey’s Novel “Deep Winter”

Uncover Dark Secrets in Samuel W. Gailey’s Novel “Deep Winter”

Samuel W. Gailey’s Deep Winter takes readers on a suspenseful ride through the dark heart of the isolated eastern Pennsylvania town of Wyalusing. The sleepy local town is rocked by an awful murder and all signs point to a man named Danny Bedford who suffered a traumatic brain injury. However, during the bitter cold that follows, the local sheriff and a state trooper must team up to try and stop a series of crimes that follow the terrible murder. Although all signs point to Danny as being the culprit, as the two attempt to bring order to their quiet little town, they soon discover that nothing is as it seems and they must race against time to eliminate the web of lies that have enveloped their corner of the world.

Gailey’s writing is both atmospheric and bone chilling as he tosses the readers knee-deep into the macabre world of Wyalusing and the lies that are entrenched in the town. Elegantly written, readers will find themselves eagerly turning the pages to see what the local sheriff and state trooper uncover—and who the real culprit behind the awful crimes truly is. Gailey’s debut novel is the perfect mix of rich, lyrical prose and suspense. Just when readers think that they’ve solved the crime, Gailey will turn the tables on them as a reminder that the inhabitants of Wyalusing are never quite what they seem.

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  1. samuel w gailey

    Amanda – I wanted to thank you for posting this review of my debut novel, DEEP WINTER. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the read and that you appreciated the writing. Keep reading. Keep reviewing.

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