Explore the Mysteries of the Afterlife in “The Waking Engine”

Explore the Mysteries of the Afterlife in “The Waking Engine”

Thanks to pop culture, which has seen reality television shows such as Ghost Hunters and Long Island Medium skyrocket to fame, it seems as if everyone and their next-door neighbor is obsessed with finding the truth about whether or not there’s an ‘Afterlife.’ David Edison’s debut novel The Waking Engine confronts this theme by toying around with the notion of life, death, and the big question: If there’s truly an afterlife, what is it like?

Contrary to what the ‘Big Three’ monotheistic religions preach, death is not the end. In The Waking Engine, once you leave this plane of existence, you simply wake up as yourself in any one of the millions of worlds in the Universe. Then you simply live out your life, and when you ‘die’ again, the process repeats until the souls can make it to the City Unspoken, which houses the gateway to True Death. There’s only one problem—the gateway’s acting up. It’s up to a very confused, recently deceased New Yorker named Cooper to navigate this bizarre city that houses not only deities in disguise but also angels, faeries, and queens as he races against time to figure out why the gateway’s not working properly.

Edison’s debut novel takes popular themes about the nature of life and death and turns them on their head. His rich prose and fascinating settings allow the readers to become fully immersed in the world of the City Unspoken as well as feel the characters’ fears of the madness that threatens to destroy their world. Edison’s writing is a refreshing breath of fresh air for the sci-fi fantasy genre and is sure to win him new fans.

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