Score an Unpaid Internship in Satirical Puzzle Game “It’ll Look Great on Your Resume”

Score an Unpaid Internship in Satirical Puzzle Game “It’ll Look Great on Your Resume”

It’ll Look Great On Your Resume could easily standalone as an abstract puzzle platformer, but creator Agent V takes it one step further by framing each level in the guise of a job interview. Each level begins with a quick conversation with your increasingly erratic interviewer, the alcoholic CEO of global technology firm FutureStar. As you try and jump through verbal hoops to impress your potential employer, the puzzles increase in difficulty, linking the storyline and the gameplay together nicely.

The puzzles themselves rarely deviate from pattern. A small green ball bounces around a room where gravity changes at random, trying to collect four pink balls while avoiding lasers, turrets, fireballs, and other miscellaneous objects. Coming into contact with anything but the pink ball warrants an instant game over, but the kill screen is so brief that it hardly feels like a penalty and gameplay quickly resumes. To make things harder, while you’re subject to the constraints of gravity, nothing else is–and the computer is definitely targeting you.

The dialogue betrays a certain wry humor at the expense of the current job market. Is it fair, demands the CEO, that you work for free while he drinks expensive whiskey? Of course–after all, we all have to make sacrifices. Why, he even had to cut employee benefits the other day! There are dialogue options that allow you to protest this and even call the CEO a strange and creepy man, but deliberately tanking the interview does little to deter him from hiring you, which–as anyone who’s ever been interviewed can testify–is probably the least realistic aspect of the game.

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