Fickle Friends: “PLAY”

English quintet Fickle Friends brought out one of the strongest debut singles I can think of earlier this year with “SWIM.” Now the group is following up that summery track with another gem, “PLAY.” The new single brings out the same kind of disco grooving beat and ’80s new wave spirit blended with a Paramore-esque edge. The clean drums and distorted guitars mix with a melodic bass line and Natti Shiner’s sweet vocals to create an irresistible sound. But as soon as the chorus comes, Fickle Friends reminds us what they’re truly great at: catchy hooks. Like “SWIM,” this is a song that is not going to leave your head any time soon.

You can buy “PLAY” on iTunes now. There’s still no word on an EP or album, but with singles as strong as this, we can be sure that something great is coming.

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