Performance Art Duo DarkMatter Pokes Fun at OkCupid and Social Justice Politics

If you enjoyed Alok Vaid-Menon’s powerful presentation we posted a few months back, you may be surprised to see a lighter side in this performance. Vaid-Menon and fellow artist Janani Balasubramanian collaborate as DarkMatter, and in their piece “OkCupid” they play with the tensions between online dating (already a fraught endeavor) and the trappings of progressive/social justice sensibilities. The piece explores the timeless questions of love, like “Is ‘months’ too long to wait before responding to a message asking you out?” and “Is there any ethical way to get drinks?” Overall, this is a well-executed look at the complications of the social justice sensibility.

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  1. Shady

    Very poorly analyses. You should be ashamed.


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