Monty Python Meets Classic Adventure Games in “Grail to the Thief”

Monty Python Meets Classic Adventure Games in “Grail to the Thief”

If you remember Zork, then congratulations, you’re a giant nerd. Luckily, you’re in good company–Grail to the Thief is a homage to those types of classic text adventure games, redesigned with a conversation tree to eliminate the frustration of typing random commands.

Hank Krang is a boorish, selfish thief thrown into the golden ages of chivalry, set loose upon an unsuspecting King Arthur and co. Mysteriously given the power to time travel due to a talking, sentient time machine named TEDI, Hank chooses to travel through time and steal history’s greatest treasures, starting with the Holy Grail. Which, OK, fair enough, that sounds like fun. The writing has a certain Monty Python-esque charm that brings the characters to life and animates the premise, while the voice acting is distinct enough to distinguish between every character.

The demo hints at the potential of Grail to the Thief’s cast and is best experienced with headphones on and your eyes closed. While this certainly isn’t the first game to attempt a radio play experience–Codename: Cygnus comes to mind–this is, to my knowledge, the first game to specifically target the blind and provide a more immersive, intuitive experience. For a game starring an unrepentant egomaniac, that’s a surprisingly noble goal.

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