The Pluto Moons:

The Pluto Moons: “Mannequin Legs”

New Brooklyn trio The Pluto Moons has released their first full-length album, Mannequin Legs. The 9 songs off the album show off the group’s intricate playing as well as their great song craft. With exciting and erratic arrangements, the band bounces between Passion Pit-esque electro pop and dense experimentalism, stopping at all the post-Graceland indie rock spots along the way. Thankfully, too, the band has an earnest sense of humor and sound like they’re having a great time throughout, two things that are too often missing from indie records. Splitting vocals between bassist Zachary Levine and keyboardist Max Alper, both vocalists offer exciting and dynamic performances that match the eclectic polystylism of the music.

And as a “Pay Your Own Price” download, it’s hard to not check these guys out!

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