Siren: “I Think I Like You”

L.A. newcomers Siren are off to a strong start with their debut track, “I Think I Like You.” The synth pop duo consists of long-time friends Kat Ostenberg and Skyler Stonestreet, and you can hear their closeness in their tightly-woven vocal harmonies. “I think I Like You” opens with an echoing cascade of wordless harmonies before bringing in a dark electronic beat for the verse. When the chorus opens up the girls sing “I think I like you but it’s complicated” with an infectious rhythmic delivery of “co-oh-ohm-licated.” To accompany the catchy track is a music video directed by Siren’s own Skyler Stonestreet. It shows colorful shots of the girls singing along to the song with exciting fast-paced editing. The video is nothing incredible on its own, but it serves the playful nature of the song perfectly. Siren may have complicated feelings about you, but I don’t think you will about them.

You can download “I Think I Like You” from iTunes while we wait for more from the duo.

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