Author Lucy Christopher Discusses the Power of Imagination in YA Novels

In February 2014, novelist Lucy Christopher, who is the author behind The Killing Woods, sat down with Ben Kenower for an interview. They begin with discussing how Christopher knew that “stories were important to her” ever since she was a child. She points out that although writers form the building blocks of the characters, it’s up to the readers to use their imagination to “complete the circle” as it were. While Christopher always tells her writing students to “show not tell,” she does emphasis that you need the readers to bring the characters to life. This is especially important for YA novels, as it allows teens and tweens to fill in the meaning themselves.

Finally, Christopher says that she enjoys writing YA fiction due to the fact that she remembers being a 14-year-old and really connecting with a book. Therefore, Christopher hopes to re-create that feeling for her younger readers. Also, she adds, “teen readers are fantastic” because they’re honest and passionate as well. Ben Kenower’s interview with Lucy Christopher is an interesting glimpse into the motives and inspiration of a successful YA novelist!

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