Avoid Drunk Dialing Embarrassments with “Drunk Lock”

We’ve all been there, or maybe you haven’t (lucky you). But waking up the next morning to a sea of incomprehensible texts sent during a drunken stupor is never fun. If only there was a way technology could save us from imminent embarrassment! Fortunately, there’s an app for that. Drunk Lock is an iPhone app that locks your entire phone and can only be unlocked by answering questions that test your drunkenness. While locked the phone can only make emergency calls. If you try to call anyone else, Siri will tell you that you’re too drunk and will suggest dialing a cab for you.

The above advertisement was created by design students at Istanbul’s Miami Ad School. The ad is so well-done, it wasn’t until we started writing this recommendation that we realized Drunk Lock isn’t a real app. Oops. Fortunately there are plenty of similar apps, like this one or this one, that perform similar functions. Drink on.

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  1. Trent

    While this may not be a real app on iOS. It is very real on Android!


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