The Freaky Baby Daddies: “Runaway”

The Freaky Baby Daddies: “Runaway”

Kicking off with hand-claps before bringing in a retro-’60s chord progression, the new song from Brooklyn’s The Freaky Baby Daddies will have you hooked in the first few seconds. The group has been steadily gaining momentum with a string of singles, and “Runaway” may be their best yet. The crunchy guitars and Elvis Costello-esque vocal delivery are paired with ’60s pop songwriting and hints of afro-pop in the powerful bassline to create an irresistible mix. OD Dash sings satirically about an emotionally controlling relationship, reminding the object of his affection, “You can’t runaway.” In the chorus he sings with a manic almost menacing tone,  ”I’m yours and you are mine/So please won’t you be by my side?”

No word yet on a full release from The Freaky Baby Daddies, so we’ll have to keep dancing to “Runaway” while we wait.

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