Upcoming Novel “Free to Fall” Will Make You Uncomfortable About the Future of Technology

Nowadays it seems like everyone can’t live without his or her gadgets. Whether it’s a shiny new Macbook Pro for Junior or a Seamless app on your iPhone so you never even have to leave your house to order food, we’ve become so much more complacent in our lives thanks to technology. However, the book trailer for Lauren Miller’s upcoming YA novel Free to Fall will make readers uncomfortable about where the future is headed. In a not-so-distant Earth, there’s an app that makes every single decision for you, and a young girl named Rory must fight to make her own choices.

Although the trailer is simplistic, it allows the viewers to ponder how creepy life would be like if we weren’t allowed to fail or have any control over our lives. No one likes making mistakes, but at least we’re allowed to think. As the book trailer says, life doesn’t come for free, and there are always choices to make. If we become too dependent on the apps and technology, could we too be setting ourselves up for a world where every aspect of our lives is chosen for us?

Free to Fall will be in stores everywhere on May 2014 and is sure to have readers flocking to dive into a chilling not-so-futuristic world where technology rules the roost!

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