Stand Up and Say No: “Can You Feel”

After giving up music, taking a 9-5 job, and starting a family, songwriter Andre Nault found himself watching TV one night and asking himself, “Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life? Is this how you want the kids to remember you?” The answer, he says, was a resounding “No.” That’s how Ottawa’s Stand Up and Say No was born. The lead single from their forthcoming Assuming Loyal EP deals with similar themes. Mixing catchy pop synth lines with jangly guitar chords and a haunting rock baritone vocal style, “Can You Feel” is an interesting and catchy track. Nault sings about “a guy who’s tired of climbing the greasy pole, whose success came at great expense.” The video, directed by Nault himself and featuring members of his family, shows a group of scientists studying a man getting ready for a big date. It’s silly and plays into the fun nature of the song.

Assuming Loyal will be released on May 6th, but you can buy “Can You Feel” now on iTunes.

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