“The Blockheads” is Not Your Average Minecraft Clone

“The Blockheads” is Not Your Average Minecraft Clone

Minecraft on an iPhone is not very fun. It’s a drag just to move around, and the world just seems too big for the tiny screen. The Blockheads, released this year for iOS, is a perfect translation of the Minecraft formula for mobile devices, but it’s so much more.

It consists of what you’d expect–a randomly generated world ripe for exploring, mining, crafting and riding donkeys. It’s a sidescroller, similar to Terraria or Junk Jack, which is the way I prefer my portable block-building games. It’s so easy to tap a square to move, build or destroy. You can even queue multiple actions, which will be completed in order even if you leave the app.

But The Blockheads isn’t just a 2D Minecraft with better controls and queued actions. Unique to the game is your character–the Blockhead himself–that adds some life and simulation to the block-building genre. Your Blockhead has Sim-like meters for health, happiness, hunger, energy and environment. While at this point your guy can’t be killed, the more fatigued and unhappy he is, the more slowly he crafts and mines, so it’s imperative that you keep him happy.

Keep them happy, I mean. You’re able to warp in multiple Blockheads, so you’ll end up managing multiple guys doing different things in different places. Talk about productivity. And if you need even more help, the multiplayer features let you bring a friend to your world.

There’s just too much to say about The Blockheads, so go and try it already–it’s free.

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