Performance Poet Raymond Antrobus Recites a Poem Written in Honor of One of His Students

Raymond Antrobus, spoken word poet extraordinaire and author of Shapes and Disfigurements, has been very busy. Not only is he the Poet In Residence at Cardinal Pole Secondary School in Hackney, England, but he’s also the founder of both Keat House Poets and Chill Pill as well.

In a video uploaded by Chill Pill Shorts, Antrobus performs a poem that is dedicated to one of his students who has a heart murmur. The piece gives a sense of how angry the girl is that “she’s not normal” and can’t always do the usual teen activities. In reply, Antrobus urges the little girl to express her feelings via poetry and then muses why “being normal” equals “perfection” in the mind of society.  The poem ends with the girl expressing herself via poetry and Antrobus explaining “all the best poets know what it feels like to have a heart that’s different.”

Not only is this a touching ode to a student who has clearly inspired Antrobus, but it’s also a beautiful piece of poetry that gives a glimpse into the heartache of having an invisible disability.

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