Lyves: “Visions”

London-based vocalist Lyves makes her debut with the gorgeous track “Visions.” She cites a varied list of influences on her Facebook page from Boards of Canada to Fleetwood Mac, and Philip Glass to Seal. It’s hard to cram all of that into just one song, but “Visions” is definitely more than your standard indie-RnB. As the track slowly builds with layers of delayed guitars and buzzy synths, Lyves sings her sensual melodies with poise and control. The structure of the song is unusual in that it eschews a normal verse-chorus form. Instead, the texture continues to grow and expand throughout and then slowly fades away at the end, giving the song a feeling of one extended breath.

After listening to this song, we have visions of a big career from Lyves, so keep an eye out for music from her coming soon.

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