“The Violet Hour” by Whitney A. Miller

“The Violet Hour” by Whitney A. Miller

Whitney A. Miller’s debut thriller novel is a suspenseful and terrifying read. The plot revolves around Harlow, a young woman who is the adopted daughter of a patriarch in the VisionCrest religion and has a ton of responsibilities on her shoulder. Not only is she expected to become a future leader in the religious movement, but she’s also looked up to as the pinnacle of integrity. One wrong move and the entire community will be calling for her blood.

Amongst the 24/7 spotlight, Harlow harbors a dark secret that not even her crush nor her best friend knows about. The young teen keeps hearing a voice inside of her head that seems to have a mind of its own. This mysterious voice is now urging her to turn into a merciless, cold-blooded killer. Despite all of Harlow’s best efforts, the urge to give in and obey the voice is becoming more and more difficult to control.

Miller’s debut novel is a thrilling look at religious cults and the dark impulses of sociopaths. Unlike the normal YA fare, The Violet Hour is a chilling and dark ride. Watching Harlow struggle to keep her sanity as she fights against the confines of her mind  is so engaging that you won’t even realize that it sucked you in. With its unusual take on the YA genre and a macabre plot, Whitney A. Miller’s debut novel will definitely be a memorable book for book lovers everywhere.

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