“Farm for Your Life,” a Game Where Zombies Are Less Apocalyptic and More Like Occasional Pests

Don’t lie–you totally have a zombie apocalypse survival strategy, whether it’s a vague plan to head to the nearest gun store/redneck/creepy survivalist cousin’s cabin or a slightly too obsessive itinerary of destinations, dates, and potential survivors. Brother and sister duo Anneke and Oliver Oberlei bring a fresh new twist on the zombie genre by asking the all-important question: what exactly are you going to eat? Zombies might thrive on brains, but we humans need a diet higher in fiber and lower in grey matter.

Farm for Your Life is about planting crops, building a community, and surviving nightly waves of the undead. The big-headed characters and general UI resemble nothing so much as Farmville, which shouldn’t be a turnoff–Farm For Your Life makes dealing with zombie attacks the recurring annoyance they really would be rather than the all-out destruction of our world, where zombies are about as irritating as deer (though several times deadlier). If you’re worried that Farm For Your Life is all farming and no action, don’t be–zombies still need to be bashed in the head to remind them that they really are dead, and you can do plenty of that at night.

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