K Stewart: “Tell Me ‘Bout That”

When I first saw this track, I was excited to see that Kristen Stewart was finally releasing music. That is, of course, not the case. This KStew is Kate Stewart, a young British singer who’s been singing on tour for electronic duo Bondax recently. For her solo debut track, K Stewart teams up with producer Karma Kid for bizarre pop song “Tell Me ‘Bout That.” The track samples a famous piece of vibraphone-driven muzak and places Stewart’s Aguilera-esque vocals on top of the spastic futurist beat. K Stewart shows herself off as a confident and competent vocalist as she sings ’90s-styled RnB hooks about getting a man to open up. The clash of the highly detailed production, retro sample, and ’90s RnB style makes “Tell Me ‘Bout That” totally unique and unforgettable. We’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for more music from K Stewart.

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