“Trickster, My Beloved,” a Collection of Poetry About the True Loki

“Trickster, My Beloved,” a Collection of Poetry About the True Loki

Although many people know the figure of the Norse God Loki from Tom Hiddleston’s performance in Marvel’s Thor and Avengers movies, in today’s day and age many modern-day Pagans and Heathens still honor the original deity. While some members of the Northern Traditions consider Loki to be the “Norse Satan,” others honor the fiery Trickster of the Norse as their main deity. Now, author Elizabeth Vongvisith’s collection of poetry allows readers to discover the different sides of Loki: World Breaker, Father, Best Friend, Mentor, Confidant, and Big Brother.

Trickster, My Beloved is made up of 27 poems from a dedicated “Loki’s Woman.” Not only are they inspiring, but it also allows those who may not know much about Paganism to get a deeper understanding of the “pro-Loki” Northern Traditions as well. Readers will also gain a new understanding and a deeper appreciation for Loki, whose fiery spirit, passion, and trickster nature are effortlessly appealing. If you’re looking for an expanded idea of Loki, Vongvisith’s work is both multi-faceted and inspiring.

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