Get Absorbed in the Pretty Puzzler, “Influx”

Get Absorbed in the Pretty Puzzler, “Influx”

How many 2D sidescrollers can you think of that have you controlling some object, using physics and gravity to solve a puzzle or get to an end-point, and come complete with typical cartoon graphics? Plenty, I’d say. Well, take that idea, put it in 3D, set it in the real world and you have Influx.

You control an orb, traveling through an island full of trees, mountains and rivers. The visuals look as pretty as any puzzle game I’ve ever seen. Oh, and there are puzzles–there are these glasshouses scattered throughout the island that need to be solved. They look challenging and well-designed, but I could probably just spend all day rolling around the island.

Influx is currently PC-only, but will be available on Mac shortly.

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