“Ballroom Battle,” an Interactive Voguing Dance Off

“Ballroom Battle,” an Interactive Voguing Dance Off

The art of voguing has existed way before Madonna tried to take all the credit for it, and vogue balls continue to be a staple in both the dance and gay community. Ballroom Battle is an interactive dance off between some of today’s greatest voguing all stars. With each one repping a particular fashion house (with the exception of Mugler who’s too cool to rep for anyone but himself) they battle one-on-one in a Street Fighter-esque royale. After each battle you get to choose which dancer is the winner, which moves that dancer along to fight with the next challenger.

Director Clara Cullen came up with the idea when she visited a vogue ball in New York City three years ago. “The scene is so alive and the culture is amazing,” she says. “I wanted to take each dancer and make them into a very defined character, so people could choose their favorite and stick with them.”

Team Mugler.

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