A Sister Poetically Narrates Her Sister’s 20th Birthday in “Twentysomething”

Here are a couple of questions for the siblings out there: How did (or will) you spend your twentieth birthday? Now, how does your sibling think you’d spend your twentieth birthday? Sisters Dorothea and Avery Trufelman answered that question in their video collaboration Twentysomething. Older sister Avery recorded her guesses at what younger sister Dorothea would do with the landmark event; Dorothea then–without listening ahead of time– filmed the course of her day. The results were edited together to produce this clip, which captivates in the similarities and divergences between Avery’s vocalized imagination and Dorothea’s camera. The poetic riffs on young adulthood gives an aura to the video that transcends the simple “Right! Wrong!” tests I was running at the beginning, rounding out a unique and poignant project.

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