Hunt Demons in the Dark Manga “March Story”

Hunt Demons in the Dark Manga “March Story”

March Storywhich is written by Kim Hyung-Min and illustrated by Yang Kyung-Il, is a beautifully drawn series that explores the lonely life of demon hunters, much like the TV show Supernatural (although this comic is much bleaker). Set in 18th Century Europe, a demon hunter named March lives a lonely existence. In this world, demons known as “the Ill” hide within stunning works of art and are brought into this plane of existence thanks to the torments of the artists. When people buy the art they become possessed by the Ill and start performing horrific acts of violence.

Only the demon hunters of the Ciste Vihad can dispel the demons. The fate of the world rests on March to find these antiques, and should the worst possible scenario happen, his full powers will be unleashed upon this world in order to defeat the Ill. However, all of the artifacts and victims have their own tragic stories, which almost rivals March’s own tale of woe.

The story is a perfect blend of gothic, gory horror and rich storytelling that is both macabre and thrilling all at the same time. Whether you prefer your manga to have jaw-dropping plot twists or just unique storylines, March Story’s unsettling will keep you on edge.

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