“Battlesuit Runner,” an Immersive Sci-Fi Fitness App That Lets You Fight Aliens Through the Power of Cardio

Following in the footsteps of breakout hit Zombies, Run!, Battlesuit Runner is another app that combines a radio play with heart-pumping cardio–only this time, there’s a decidedly sci-fi flair. Casting you as the newest recruit to don the cutting edge DeltaSuit, Battlesuit Runner kicks the gameplay up a notch with the introduction of a Battle Mode that lets players sprint to charge their weapons and destroy hostiles. As you progress, the game presents you with various options to pursue, usually in the format of “slow down to search for survivors, sprint to ignore them,” creating a Choose Your Own Adventure vibe that proves startlingly effective at drawing you in. Strong Transatlantic accents color the voices of the characters, a throwback to the sci-fi radio plays of the 50s and 60s. Aliens searching for rare elements, evil robots on the rise–Battlesuit Runner is gleefully mining pulp fiction for inspiration.

Battle Mode, excitingly enough, allows for the epic battles against aliens and evil robots, set to whatever music the app pulls from your phone. Sometimes it’s appropriately dramatic, but more often than not I found myself listening to lasers and gunfire over the sugary-sweet autotuning of K-pop–which probably reflects more on me than the app.<

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  1. Rafi

    This is my favorite fitness app! Really turns each workout into a video game!

    I hear they are adding multiplayer mode soon…


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