Our Darker Purpose: An RPG About Your Classmates Trying to Kill You

The Edgewood Home for Lost Children is already pretty creepy to begin with, but when all the teachers vanish and the kids split off into violent gangs a la Lord of the Flies, our heroine Cordy–the only remaining survivor of her own clique–has to battle her former classmates and find out what happened to all the adults. Our Darker Purpose seems to have borrowed inspiration from The Binding of Isaac but combined them with RPG elements and a Tim Burton-esque aesthetic to create a fun, spooky, morbid roguelike adventure about the horrors of a boarding school populated with murderous children.

As Cordy progresses, she learns that the school is now under the control of a mysterious group known as the Administrators who pit the kids against each other for some unknown purpose, but most likely just for sheer entertainment. Although Cordy might have initially survived via hiding beneath a bookcase, that’s more or less the last time furniture will offer any sort of safety. The Edgewood Home for Lost Children is brimming with things that want you dead, like a soul-stealing chandelier, the desks, and the grandfather clock.

Gameplay is more or less what you expect–run, duck, and shoot fire to make your way through the rooms. The game really shines through in its construction of its lore, where unsurprisingly dark histories are hinted at behind the cheerful macabre environment. Honestly, it’s the kind of place I imagine the Baudelaire siblings might have found themselves eventually, complete with Snicket-like narration from the evil Administrators.

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