Dance in Between the Lines of Poetry and Art in “Hourglass Museum”

Dance in Between the Lines of Poetry and Art in “Hourglass Museum”

Kelli Russell Agodon’s Hourglass Museum is a fascinating look at the often-invisible line between poetry and museum art. Many of her best pieces in this collection are inspired by the beautiful artwork that hangs in the halls of her local museums. Agodon uses each one as a metaphor in her poems, balancing her rich inner emotional life against the demands of her outward personal life and the relationships in between.

Aside from exploring the connection between her home and her love for museums, Agodon also explores a wide variety of emotional states. This includes both depression and loneliness, and her beautiful writing evokes her deepest feelings and innermost thoughts. But Agodon’s work is not always so gloomy; she also entrances her readers with her humor and cleverness. She mixes an air of playfulness into her poetry and does her best to make sure the darker subjects don’t drag the mood down entirely.

Agodon’s delicate balance between a rich emotional internal life and the outward demands of one’s “home”– as well as the interplay between museums, poetry, and art–makes Hourglass Museum a fascinating read that you will return to again and again, both for insight and inspiration.

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