“Music to Die For,” a Hilarious ’90s Documentary About the Evils of Secular Music

Back in the late ’90s/early ’00s there was strong opposition from the Christian Right that rock music turned kids into hedonistic little Satanists. Mothers across the midwest banded together as they snuck into their kids’ bedrooms to take away their Korn CDs (that actually happened to me). But these days, now that mainstream music is predominately pop and nothing else, the extreme religious posturing over evil secular music has subsided. But in case you needed a reminder of what early ’00s Christian hysteria looked like, check out this clip taken from a Christian documentary about the evils of music. Youtube uploader Trash Night Video took some artistic license with the editing. In fact, their entire channel is a gold mine of weird videos. I especially liked their Cabbage Patch Kids/Godspeed You! Black Emperor mashup (yes, you heard correctly). 

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