Inspired By H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, “The Last Door” Is a Game About the Eldritch Abominations Waiting in Your Past

Set in the late 1800s, The Last Door chronicles the tale of Jeremiah Devitt, a man who receives a strange letter from an old boarding school chum and finds himself neck-deep in an eldritch mystery. Deliberately evocative of LucasArt’s blocky pixel art, The Last Door is just…really, really scary. Plenty of games have demonstrated that you don’t need HD graphics to scare the crap out of players and The Last Door is no different. The art is rough enough to pick out the important details–and, unfortunately, fill in the blanks on what you can’t make out. Show don’t tell indeed.

“Chapter 1: The Letter” focuses more on set-up than anything, but there are plenty of unsettling moments throughout. The backyard of the house is filled with murderous crows devouring something messily. Rescue their victim and the dying creature will moan and twitch in your inventory periodically, which creeped me out enough that I ended up trying to bash the thing’s head in just to make it stop. Sadly, it turns out this is not what you picked up a hammer for. “Chapter 2: Memories” might as well be titled The Mystery Deepens… as Devitt returns to his old school and starts learning about what drove his dead friend insane and how it relates to his own largely forgotten past. Chapter 2 is decidedly more surreal, littered with Lynch-esque dream sequences.

As of this review, the first three chapters are free to play and well worth it, combining some genuine creeping scares with some fantastic music and intriguing storytelling.

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