Jump, Flip and Spin Your Way Into Your Owner’s Heart in “Impressive Dog”

Impressive Dog is the kind of game that sounds cute in theory but should absolutely never be applied to real life. What am I talking about? Well…puppies.

The game, which I’m choosing to believe is a response to all the cat simulators out there, is about a puppy trying to get a little girl to choose him over all the others and take him home. To get her attention you must perform tricks and combos, but be careful to follow her commands or she levies a point penalty. A super cute premise with a surprising array of commands, the game has a lot of entertainment value as you try and rack up the points in the allotted time. This is not how people should choose pets, by the way.

Fail to score high enough and you’re treated to a graphic of your cute little self sitting in a cage watching as your owner takes away a wiggly little corgi pup. Win and you get adopted. The design of your little puppy protagonist is incredibly adorable, eliciting a verbal ‘aww’ as soon as I booted up the game and started sending him on flips and twirls all around the room. He even has a bandana! Honestly, I’d adopt that little guy as soon as I saw him.

A nice, mellow entry in the Ludum Dare competitions, Impressive Dog is a nice, quick game to relax with as you fantasize about the merits of canine ownership.

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