Watch as an Empire Crumbles in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “The Fall of Atlantis”

Watch as an Empire Crumbles in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “The Fall of Atlantis”

Although Marion Zimmer Bradley is best known for her novel The Mists of Avalon, she has also written other works, such as The Fall of Atlantis. This novel is a wonderful piece of speculative fiction that revolves around two sisters named Domaris and Deoris who are the children of a priest and are in training to be Priestesses themselves. However, their lives are turned upside down when Domaris’s mentor finds a wounded Atlantean prince named Micon who has washed up on their shores.

Prince Micon’s arrival sets off an epic battle between good and evil. On one side, there’s the Priests of the White Robe, who have been charged with guarding the world’s natural forces from misuse, and on the other side there’s the Priests of the Black Robe, who want to master these forces for their own selfish uses. The two sisters find themselves in the middle of this battle, and their own involvement in the fight winds up leading to the events that will eventually cause the destruction of the legendary island of Atlantis.

Bradley is an expert at world building, and this is doubly true for the novel. Not only does she expertly craft a fictional account of the ancient world, including the isle of Atlantis, but she also creates several believable priesthoods as well. Woven into this fictional history is an array of deities and mythology, which adds to the richness of the text.

Bradley has crafted a stunning fantasy novel that will enthrall all who peek beneath its pages and find themselves lost in its rich imagery and fascinating story.

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