Emma Donoghue Talks LGBT Fiction in “Astray” and “The Room”

Award-winning author Emma Donoghue sat down with XTRA, a Canadian channel dedicated to keeping viewers up-to-date on the latest LGBT news, to discuss how living as a lesbian in Ireland colored her perception of stepping over social “lines in the sand” and how her experience helped color the stories in Astray.

Donoghue also mentions that during a Twitter conversation with her fans, she thought it was odd that no one had read her hit novel Room under the lens of queer theory. After all, the mother and child in the story are seen as “outsiders,” much as many gays and lesbians are seen as “Other.” So while most readers don’t view The Room as a queer story, Donoghue says that it can definitely be read that way.

For readers who love learning about how an author’s life experiences can weave into the lifeblood of a story, this interview sheds a fascinating light on the process.

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