Choose to Defend Your City or Destroy It in “Man or Monster”

Choose to Defend Your City or Destroy It in “Man or Monster”

If you heard of an indie game titled Man or Monster, you might think it a thoughtful exploration about the nature of humanity and evil. You’d be totally wrong–this is a game about giant monsters stomping cities flat and the lone man determined to stop it. Also, everyone looks like a LEGO creature because of the retro voxel art, which is kind of cool.

Man or Monster gives you the choice to play as either a human or the monster. While games allow people to act out heroic fantasies, everyone knows that villains have the most fun. Humans can build units to defend the city while they run around (or fly around on jetpacks) and shoot at the giant dinosaur raining destruction down on their heads, being rewarded for saving civilians with money that lets them purchase more units next round. Monsters get special attacks and focus on destroying buildings and civilians, occasionally unearthing rubies and gold, or the even more precious attack booster. While this makes sense from the player’s perspective, in-game it feels a little silly–hey guys, how about we not incentivize the twenty-story tall monster’s attacks? Still, the entire game is silly and tons of fun. If you’re looking for a simple crash and smash, Team Monster is where you should go. If you want something a little more difficult and strategy-oriented, grab a jetpack and sign up for Team Human.

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