“How Mosquito Became Human” Is a Bizarre, Fable-Like Tale of Evolution

“How Mosquito Became Human” Is a Bizarre, Fable-Like Tale of Evolution

A weird little platformer about a brave mosquito dreaming of becoming human, and willing to eat whatever’s in its path, How Mosquito Became Human feels strangely fable-like all the way down to the punchline. The premise asks you to believe that if a mosquito eats four frogs it can become a frog, and so on and so forth, continuing until you find yourself a penguin mercilessly devouring dogs. Yeah. It’s a little out there. As the game says: Evolution requires victims.

Fair warning: the game is a lot of fun but has some really frustrating issues with movement and controls. With that said, the conceit allows the game to employ different abilities and change up the environment. You start out as a mosquito who ignores the presence of water, but large frogs will kill you on contact. However, once you become a little frog, you can leap right over those frogs with nary a scratch but drown instantly upon falling into the water. (Frogs are amphibians, but not in this game.) Logic aside, this mechanic keeps you nicely on your toes and keeps gameplay fresh.

Strange, random, and irreverent, How Mosquito Became Human is an entertaining romp through the slightly twisted mind of developer Heiser Saint, whose sense of humor is definitely pretty warped.

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