Travel Through Time in the Adventure Classic “The Anubis Gates”

Travel Through Time in the Adventure Classic “The Anubis Gates”

Tim Powers’ classic sci-fi novel The Anubis Gates is a thrilling adventure story with a fascinating cast of characters. The story revolves around a scholar named Brendan Doyle who is on the hunt to look deeper into the life of poet William Ashbless. When he finds himself a new job, the gig turns out to be like nothing Doyle has ever heard before—he gets paid to travel through time with a group of passengers to see a lecture by Samuel Taylor Coolridge. During his bizarre journey, he meets members of the Knights Templar, ancient Gods, ancient Egyptian sorcerers, werewolves, and other preternatural beings.

Powers weaves a quiet yet bizarre premise as he toys with the question of time travel. Would it change history? Why or why not?Unlike other novels that deal with the question of time-travel, Powers makes sure that it isn’t hokey or based on too-hard-to-believe “science.” Instead, he wraps the ability to walk through time in a shroud of ancient mysticism that will captivate you and make you question the reality of time itself.

Power’s novel has a little bit of everything–horror, action, adventure, and yes, even the supernatural. It is this expert blend that makes The Anubis Gates such a beloved science-fiction classic that draws readers to its pages again and again. Whether you love pondering the mysteries of time or getting lost in a good mystery, you won’t be able to put The Anubis Gates down once you start reading.

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