Bro. Stephen: “The Shape” / “Gathered Up”

Bro. Stephen: “The Shape” / “Gathered Up”

After his 2012 album Baptist Girls, Louisville singer/songwriter Bro. Stephen (Scott Kirkpatrick) is back with a brand new single and b-side.  The two songs, “The Shape” and “Gathered Up,” have the same melancholic mood found on Baptist Girls, with beautiful and simple arrangements and a focus on wistful, poetic lyrics. The two songs focus on the transient nature of life, through long distance friendships and questioning the certainty of the future. But despite the deep subject matter, Bro. Stephen manages to keep an air of optimism in his delivery that makes these songs much more than your typical sad, quiet folk songs.

Interesting to probably no one is that my name is also Scott and my brother is named Stephen, my Bro. Stephen. More interesting to everyone is that you can stream “The Shape” and “Gathered Up” as well as pre-order the tracks on Bandcamp right now.

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