Sevdaliza: “Sirens of the Caspian”

When she released her first official single, “Clear Air,” earlier this year, Dutch singer/producer Sevdaliza blew us away with her stunning originality and bold sound. Well, she’s back with a track that might be even better. “Sirens of the Caspian” takes a darker, moodier tone with flashes of trap mixed into her unique sonic landscape. The Atlynn Vrolijk-directed music video opens with a voice over from Sevdaliza in French (slightly over my high school-level French knowledge) while she lies submerged in water. When the full song comes in, the video presents dark, abstract scenes with mythological and biblical imagery. The evocative images match seamlessly with the expressive music.

There’s still no word on a more substantial release from Sevdaliza, but we know that whatever she comes out with is sure to be amazing.

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