Rage in the Fight for Social Justice in “The Bloody Tide”

Rage in the Fight for Social Justice in “The Bloody Tide”

Jane Yolen’s new poetry collection The Bloody Tide: Politics, Polemics, Poetry, Songs, and Rants allows her readers to feel the anger of those who fight for social justice as they view the world and all its massive injustices. Each of the 60 poems look at different troubling events around the globe. From the Holocaust to the Boston massacre, to wars to global warming, she points out that we as one need to do what we can to change our ways, otherwise it will be too late and our world will be thrown into darkness. For example, she chastises those who have burned her book just because a character was gay in the piece “Fahrenheit” and muses that she could “feel the flames of the bonfire on her cheeks.”

Meanwhile, in “Listening to the News Reminds Me of Yeats,” Yolen warns her readers that the poet W.B. Yeats, who often wrote about the bloody collapse of civilization, was right; if we don’t put our foot down to stop the endless arguments between who is right and who is wrong, we’ll be in big trouble. The Bloody Tide is more than just a lament of the past, it’s a thought provoking demand for us to wake up.

Guy Fawkes photo by Jason Scragz.

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